Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation will vary depending on the season and school schedules.  Please check here for current operating hours.

How much is admission?

Admission is $8.99 plus tax per jumper for ages 3 and up.  Jumpers 2 and under are $5.99.  Parents and non-jumpers are free.  

We take cash, all major credit cards, and contactless payment (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc)

What is my roll as a parent/guardian while my children are playing?

While your children play, we have trained staff that will monitor all play areas to enforce the rules of Froggy's.  While we do offer seating areas for the adults, we strongly encourage all parents to monitor their children at all times during play. 

Are socks required to play?

Socks are required at all times in the bounce houses. This helps us keep the inflatables as clean and sanitary as possible. If you find yourself at Froggy's without socks we have them for sale at the front desk.

What is the release of liability form (waiver) for?

A release of liability, or waiver, is a form that legally protects an individual or company in the case of an incident. The incident could be as serious as a death or permanent injury, or as trivial as a ripped shirt.  A release of liability form is a contract between us, the business and you, the participant. When you sign the form, you agree that you understand and accept the risks associated with the activity. 

We encourage everyone to read the waiver in full and complete it before you arrive. Click here to start filling out your waiver. 

Is it required to put my drivers license number on my waiver?

Your drivers license number is used as a unique identification number that is not a social security number. This helps us be able to find your waiver in the data base to insure that we find the correct waiver. 

How much are birthday parties?

Our party rates vary depending on the size package that would best accommodate your party needs. Please call us at 706-235-5327 or click here for more pricing information.  A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your party date and time.

Is outside food and drink allowed?

We only allow outside food and drink if you have a party room rented. 

A concession stand is available for drinks and snacks. 

Do I have to tip my party Host/Hostess?

Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.

Can I come in early to decorate the party room?

We typically include set up in the two hour room rental but if time permits we do not have a problem with people coming in a few minutes early to decorate.

What do you use to clean and sanitize your bounce houses?

 We sanitize all of our equipment nightly using OdoBan. It acts as a deodorizer, sanitizer, disinfectant, mold and mildew fighter, and virucide (kills HIV-1, infuenza, and herpes).